Your girlfriend just broke up with you. You and your partner are looking for new things to try. Or you just get that urge. We all have different reasons to watch porn. Luckily, no matter who you are, or what you’re into, there’s something for you on Pornhub. So the next time you want to fantasize, learn or explore, visit our expansive collection of free videos and:





This campaign will use an illustrative style that matches the logo to showcase people in all demographic categories, and the possible scenarios in which they would want to watch porn. Each ad will feature our tagline and call-to-action, “Stream Away”, which is a great invitation for everyone to check out

We can cater the characters and situations to fit the media buy.
– The ad with the woman could run in everything from Forbes and Cosmopolitan to bus shelters
– The ad with the man could run in ESPN, GQ and banners
– The ad with the couple could run in Maxim, Playboy and banners on select sites

Broadcast spots and web videos will allow us to tell more of the character’s backstory like the girlfriend breaking up with our male character or why the couple feels like they need to learn new things.

Billboards can simply and beautifully show the Pornhub logo and “Stream Away”.

There’s also no limit to the possible characters and scenarios that we can create.

Other ideas for scenarios include:
– Couple trying to do a kama sutra pose. they’re struggling and both looking at us. they have clothes on.
– Guy in 20’s. Sad. Looking at us. There’s a picture of a girl in a broken picture frame by him
– Guy in a hospital bed. Full body cast. leg and arm are up in the air. He’s looking at laptop
– Professional woman working late in the office by herself
– Group of teenage boys (or girls) all huddled around a laptop
– Elderly group sex like Meet the Fockers
– Mormon couple in jesus jammies watching together
– Man or woman who can’t sleep. Clock says 4:00 am
– Person delayed at an airport
– Sailors or fishermen on a ship (deadliest catch)
– Business guy in a suit in a hotel room by himself
– Woman watching cause her husband can’t get it up

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