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On Tuesday night, the Lakers took a break at halftime during a game with playoff implications to honor Shaquille O’Neal and retire his jersey. It was a nice ceremony. He gave a typical Shaq speech and added a little bit of emotion. Everything was great, as it should be. Except for one tiny little mistake. The jersey that went into the rafters at the Staples Center wasn’t like all the others. And no, it wasn’t the modern purple stripes along the side or the white numbers. It had a v-neck. The Lakers put O’Neal’s name and number on the front of the jersey:

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 9.24.33 PM

After the press pointed it out, the Lakers released a statement that basically wrote the situation off as a tiny error and an honest mistake. I totally agree with the tiny mistake part. Honest…not so much. Only one thought passed through my mind the moment I saw the jersey error.

This was the result of a plan orchestrated by Kobe Bryant!

Granted, I am a fan of conspiracy theories. I find them entertaining. But there’s no way I’m the only one who thinks this was a subtle, yet deliberate and public stab at Shaq. I mean, think about it.



Kobe and Shaq won three-straight titles together. There was some obvious chemistry on the court. But as it was later revealed, there was some obvious tension. They’re both great players and leaders but they couldn’t decide which one was Jordan and which one was Pippen. Their feud even played out in the media with numerous reports about Kobe thinking Shaq was lazy and out of shape. Shaq even went as far as blaming his failed marriage on Kobe and saying he would kill him. Those aren’t issues that simply go away with time.

Kobe is also in the middle of an impressive run. He’s playing below his age and through an injury to put a team on the verge of not making the playoffs on his back. At this point, every game for Lakers is huge. There’s no way Kobe was in love with the idea of pausing during an important game to pay tribute to a player he helped lead to titles.



When it happened, the Lakers getting Dwight Howard was a big deal. Whether history remembers it as such or diminishes it to a footnote remains to be seen. Kobe’s not getting any younger though. So, if he wants that 6th ring to pull even with Jordan, he needs Dwight to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately for Kobe, Howard is half baby, half nutjob. He always finds something he can blow out of proportion and cry about. If it’s safe to assume Kobe wasn’t happy about honoring Shaq in front of the town he owns, there’s no way Dwight was happy about taking a break to honor the “Original Superman.” This is Dwight’s introduction to Los Angeles and he’s just starting to feel better and play accordingly. It would make a lot of sense for Kobe to make a gesture that would slight his former partner and make his current one happy.



OK, let’s pretend for a second that Exhibit C doesn’t exist. The Lakers have more championship banners and retired jerseys than almost any other team in any other sport. This isn’t a new ceremony for them. They take pride in their history and often rub everyone else’s face it. There’s no way everyone in the Laker organization who took part in the planning of Shaq’s jersey requirement took a look at the concepts, comps and proofs of that rafter jersey and approved it. They’re not that stupid or careless.

But, Exhibit C does exist. The jersey that they framed and gave to Shaq to take home, the one that would be harder and more publicly embarrassing to fix, was 100% accurate. How could the Lakers get one right and not the other without doing it on purpose?

Kobe and the Lakers intentionally making a tiny error on the Shaq jersey in the rafters but not the framed one:

  • Gives a point to Kobe in their feud
  • Makes Dwight a little happier by taking a little bit out of the jersey reveal moment
  • Sends Shaq home happy
  • Provides the Lakers with an easy PR explanation
  • Creates a prank that is easily fixed before the end of the week

Your honor, I rest my case. The mastermind, as always, was Kobe Bean Bryant.

Since the first interactive whiteboard in 1991, SMART Technologies has been helping students and teachers find new ways to improve education. But after saturating the K-12 market, SMART needed to expand into higher education and create a collaboration solution for business.

To do this, we created a tagline and integrated campaign that told businesses that there’s a better way to collaborate and reminded educators that their students can learn more than ever before. With SMART, people can work and learn together to contribute to something greater.



At the center of the campaign, we wanted to create a website that represented everything SMART stands for. It would allow people from all over the world to collaborate, and inspire everyone who visits the site to contribute to something greater.

People would be able to post ideas, programs, organizations or projects they need help with. Visitors from anywhere in teh world could then contribute their expertise through notes, photos, or videos, just like with a SMART board.

Everything would be sharable through social media channels to insure that anyone who could help contribute to a specific post had the opportunity.




Through iAds, airport installations, digital bus shelters, and other interactive placements, we would raise awareness of SMART by allowing users to contribute to our site.








Through facial recognition technology, our banners would add our thought bubble icons above images with people in them and show them contributing to something greater.


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I first met her when I was four years old. It was love at first sight.

My family was at a neighborhood party. As much as I craved the delicious treats on the table, the cheers and screams kept drawing me toward the television. There she was. Simply stunning. She looked amazing that evening dressed classically in red and gold. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her as she moved around with poise and grace. The image of her high legs is something that I’ll never forget. Then, I saw her with an elegant ring on her finger. That did it. I fell head over heals for her.

She knew it too. Oh how she spoiled me in the beginning of our relationship.

She had a flair for the dramatic. She never let me forget that she was special, or that there was no one better than her. In fact, no one else was even close. With her goods always on display, it was hard to argue with her.

But then came the daddy issues and the drama.

She wasn’t as glamorous as she used to be. She got a little arrogant. But boy, did she still have her moments of greatness.

Through all the ups and downs, the moments we almost had it all, my love for her never faltered.

Then, almost out of nowhere, our world began to crumble. She wasn’t happy. The home we shared wasn’t enough for her anymore. She wanted more.

I admit, it wasn’t a palace. But memories were created there that will last forever.

The rumors got worse. Even if she got a fancy new home, she wanted to leave me.

Rumors continued to fly. She was exploring other options.
It was all anyone could talk about.
It had to be true.
But I had to hear it from her.
I wanted to her to admit it was over and she was leaving.

Then she finally spoke.
She didn’t address the rumors. Instead, she told me what to do.

She asked me to be faithful to her.

I was heartbroken. I felt lied to.
She got caught cheating. But instead of coming clean and admitting it, she just asked me to be OK with it.

And I had to be. I mean, what choice did I have?

No matter how bad she was treating me, I loved her with all my heart.
No matter how much I wanted to be mad at her, I kept coming back.

She’s building her dream home now.
A bigger, better one.
It’s the home she’s always wanted and deserved.
Don’t get me wrong. I am happy for her.
I just wish she wasn’t doing everything she can to rub it in my face.
Constantly reminding me that my love wasn’t good enough.

That brings us to where our relationship stands today.
Despite all of her amazing accomplishments, this Sunday might be the most important day of her life. She’s got a new look. The family drama is still there. And honestly, I wish her the best.

In fact, I’ll be rooting for her.
I grew up with her.
I loved her my entire life.
No matter what happens this weekend, even after she moves into her new home, I will continue to love her.


With the amount of unoriginal and uninspired content Hollywood was producing, one theatre made a stand a gave them the silent treatment.

Old comedians in family dramas, scary movie parodies and dance flicks may gross millions, but silent movies from Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Mary Pickford and other amazing actors made Hollywood famous. As the last remaining theatre in the world to show nothing but silent films, the Silent Movie Theatre in LA was a place where they could live on. Unfortunately, without the benefit of movie trailers, posters, billboards and other modern promotions, it was hard to draw an audience. The idea was to build a campaign that made people realize how amazing the actors and movies of this generation were and inspire them to create new silent films.







The Silent Movie Theatre app would feature showtimes, the theatre’s history and the ability to create new silent films using the phone’s camera. These new films would be screened before classic feature films and during a special film festival.




A street team would appear at large theaters in Los Angeles playing bad movies and had out Silent Movie Theatre bags to movie goers.

The bag would include:
– Earplugs for the bad movie they’re about to see
– A Silent Movie Theatre t-shirt
– Microwave popcorn with special black & white packaging
– Coupons for the Silent Movie Theatre



blacktshirt copy


If someone owns a small business, their entire life is dedicated to its operation and success. So besides money, the last thing they want to waste is time. Which is what makes AdWords Express awesome. Not only does it attract new customers, it only takes 5 minutes to set up.


This direct mail piece included a 3-D puzzle that the recipient could punch out and build in the time it would take to set up an advertising campaign with AdWords Express.


This execution would come with one male and one female character that the recipient can peel out and dress with the included clothing options.



With a pull-tab, we would replicate some of the typical steps required to open a storefront in this DM piece. Pulling the top tab will lift the gate while changing the image and message.





To compare the ease of AdWords Express to a 5 minute drive, this banner would geo-locate the user and then select a destination that’s five minutes away. The user will then see a simulation of the drive through Street View.



This banner would feature a 3-D puzzle that users can solve. If no actions are taken, the banner will solve itself to grab the user’s attention.







We can also use the content of the website the user is viewing to convey our message. For example, on YouTube we can pull
video tags and dynamically insert them into our text-based banners.






The ESRB frowns upon ads depicting gun shots inflicted upon people. Violent aftermaths, that’s a different story.

Before working in the video game industry, I didn’t know the ESRB monitored advertising in addition to rating the games. Luckily, we were able to enlist the genius of photographer Tim Tadder to paint a vivid picture of lawlessness. With some interesting print executions and game trailers that matched the tone of the print ad, we were able to raise the Call of Juarez brand to new heights.






In a time when the NBA was trying to lose their image problem, these kids desperately needed one.

The International Children’s Games were coming to San Francisco but the event wasn’t being perceived as a serious athletic competition. Which was understandable considering it sounded like a hopscotch or foursquare showcase. So, with some inspiration from their professional counterparts and a budget slightly bigger than our athletes’ allowances, we injected our kids with a little badassness.

After creating a tougher image for our athletes with some help from Jill Greenberg, we built an outdoor campaign that covered the city and got our message across. We surpassed our attendance goals and the kids ate it up. So much so, we offered free soccer ball haircuts and temporary tattoos at the opening ceremony to turn kids into walking billboards.








Children-s Games - 077_o

Children-s Games - 082_o





We gave Lexus a couple Decembers to remember.

Like most car companies, BMW was envious of Lexus’ holiday campaign. We were tasked with creating a similarly successful campaign with a budget smaller than the Ultimate Driving Machine’s sticker price. Well, maybe not a 3 Series. But for less than it takes to drive a 5 Series off the lot, we created a campaign around the idea of BMWs being carefully built to bring joy to their drivers. We took existing footage that was filmed at their state-of-the-art factory and edited it to a hip-hop remix of Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy to create something BMW felt was ultimate enough to run for two consecutive years.





Selling a racy idea to a conservative client becomes infinitely easier when it’s rooted in strategy.

Research showed that most kids didn’t know their cell phones had memory card slots. So before we could sell more SanDisk memory cards, we had to give our audience a little slot education.
Looking back, this was SanDisk Mobile’s last hurrah. Within a year, the iPhone would change the world and smart phones would have more built-in memory than anyone would need. Despite that shift in the mobile industry, our campaign dramatically increased sales in our target markets which included San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin and Milan.


















slot_cards copy





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